On Wednesday 31st January 2024, Claire Day (Compliance Manager) and Ian Hines (SHEQ Advisor) attended the Kier Group Supply Chain Engagement Event in Gloucester.

The event was exceptionally well attended attracting a full house.

Kier representatives were there to meet and greet and talk through any queries that we may have had.

The event covered Safety, Social Value, Quality and Work in Hand, which was extremely informative and will enable MG to continue working collaboratively mirroring the Kier ethos.


At the end of the event, Kier held their Quarterly SHE (Safety Health, Environment) Award, with nominations being drawn from all project leads, senior managers and SHE team



MG Scaffolding  for our work @ KLB, Fairford + Quayside

John Parry-Billings, Kier Senior Contracts Manager presented the award for:

‘Constructive and supportive engagement with significant improvements, a step change to their business approach, communication and engagement across the various projects we are utilizing their services, whilst also trialling innovations for recording site inspections and handovers via mobile phone app. This has been reflected in 1 Blue award for Haki Tower gates, MG have shown professional and positive improvement following challenges experienced on previous schemes’.

To say that we were over the moon to win an Award from such a prestigious company would be an understatement.

MG Scaffolding Managing Director, Martin Pritchard,  said

‘We are absolutely elated in winning this and it is a testament to all the hard work everyone is putting in at MG. Thanks to John Parry-Billings, Andy Bolas and all the Kier team’.

Claire Day said of the event ‘We attended the event, having absolutely no idea that there was even an award being presented. Thank you once again for awarding MG Scaffolding the Quarterly SHE Award, it absolutely means the world to us all.

We listened, we learned, and it is so encouraging to see that our efforts are being recognised’.

Ian Hines commented ‘Thanks for this John, I’m gutted I missed the photo. Claire, Martin ,Greg and the team have put a lot of work in while, I’ve had the luxury of being able to soak up the ethos of a special company with a hunger to become the best.

It was great to see Claire receive this well-deserved acknowledgement .

Simply it reinforced our self-belief that we will be the best by providing the quality of work that you rightly expect.

I’m looking forward to, as discussed, meeting up on site and having a walk round.

Great to get this email as we are holding our monthly SLT (safety leadership team) meeting tomorrow where we bring in branch managers, contracts mangers and lads from the workforce to look at what we could do better, what we are doing well and any lessons we have learnt with the vision of giving the lads a voice, opening communication.

We believe our business is our people, which I feel has been proved with this acknowledgment from yourselves so again thank you’.