We are proud to announce that this months Employee Safety Award winner is Pat McCann, Contracts Manager from our Birmingham branch.


Here is why Pat has been nominated:

One of our apprentices had only just recently completed his probationary period working in Birmingham Yard.

Pat noticed that the apprentice seemed be struggling on site, always being late or absent and he would exclude himself from social situations at break time opting to sit alone away from the other scaffolders.


Pat asked the apprentice if he was ok and encouraged him to go and eat with himself and the other scaffolders in the canteen.


Pat was currently assisting the site team with some problems that would drastically impact their program, and in recognition of his help they suggested giving him their monthly award.


Pat declined and insisted they give the award to the apprentice that was struggling. After this the apprentice’s time keeping and attendance improved and his attitude toward socialising with his peers changed.





Eddie Astley, Birmingham Branch Manager said ‘I recently overheard a phone conversation with Pat, and he was offering his assistance to the apprentice, who is currently on his Part 1 Scaffolding course. The apprentice now seems a lot more settled working on site, and I believe Pat is also in continuous contact with the apprentice, acting as a mentor offering his support.

Pat also went to extreme lengths to assist a mentally unwell lady that was walking down the middle of the road at Dogpool lane. Pat and our SHEQ Advisor Ian Hines assisted her. They kept her safe, offered up their jackets to keep her warm and they waited with the vulnerable lady until help arrived’.





We all agree that Pat McCann is the worthy winner of this months Employee Safety Award.

He was awarded a certificate and an Amazon gift voucher.